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Course Dates

Open Day 28th July


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ITEC Reflexology Diploma Level 3


Reflexology Course Dates


 September 2019

Sunday 29 September

October 2019

Saturday 12 October


Sunday 13 October


Sunday 27 October

November 2019 

Saturday 16 November


Sunday 17 November

January 2020

Saturday 11 January


 Sun 12 January

 February 2020

 Saturday 22 February


 Sunday 23 February

 March 2020

 Saturday 7 March


 Sunday 8 March


 Saturday 28 March


 Sunday 29 March

 April 2020

 Saturday 25 April


Sunday 26 April



 Total days for the course, including exam days are 17


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ITEC Reiki Diploma Course Dates to be Announced Soon


Facts about Reiki
Reiki originates from Japan Dr Mikao Usui developed Reiki in the 1900’s. He was a Japanese Buddhist and trained over 2,000 people in his life time. 
We all have the ability to channel Reiki However, it has to be activated by a Reiki  Master, who have themselves received the attunement from a Reiki Master. You will join a Reiki lineage on completion of your studies.
It is not only humans that benefit from Reiki Reiki can be given to humans, animals, plants, water. The past, present and future.
The recipient of Reiki does not have to be present for the treatment Reiki can be sent at a distance to anywhere in the world using the specific techniques and symbols.
Reiki does not deplete the therapists energy Reiki therapists channel the healing energy through their hands to the client. Giving a Reiki treatment does not harm nor tire the therapist. 
Where does Reiki go? A full Reiki treatment will cover all organs glands and systems of the body and the Chakra system. A Reiki treatment goes to where it is needed when there is a short space of time. 
What are Chakras? Chakras are energy centres that are located all over our body. The main seven Chakras start at our the base of our torso and, in line, are placed at specific points towards the direction of the head with the last Chakra situated at the crown. Each Chakra has a specific meaning and colour. 

Reiki is energy healing.

Energy can stagnate in the body and the etheric field. Reiki can help to disperse this negative energy and aid in the healing of dis-ease.
What is needed to become a Reiki healer? To perform self healing the student is attuned to Reiki Level 1, to offer Reiki treatments to clients and others Students are attuned to Reiki Level 2. To give attunements and teach Reiki the student is attuned to Reiki Level 3, Reiki Master level. 
Reiki can help with: Stress and Anxiety
Physical and emotional pain
Self development – inner knowledge and spiritual awareness
Boost to the immune system
Decrease of stress hormones
Clear thinking and decision making
Fear, calming of the mind, body and spirit
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Sports Massage


Course Dates to be Announced Soon.

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The Benefits of Massage include:
Helps to reduce muscle tension

Improves circulation 


Aids relaxation

Reduces stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol


Stimulates the lymphatic system
Increases the mobility and flexibility of joints
Improves skin tone
Helps to reduce stress and anxiety

Helps to lower blood pressure


Who is this course for:

People who want to join a profession that helps mental and physical well-being


Those wishing to follow a career in Sports Therapy

Therapists who want to enhance their career by adding to their skills


Professionals wishing to change career 

Those who want to be self-employed 


 People returning to work after a career break


Parents wanting a career that they can work around a family


Those wishing to study part-time


Pre-requisite to entry:

 A recognised massage course such as the ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Massage.



In the early days of its development reflexology was called Zone Therapy.

Eunice Ingham, known as the mother of reflexology, developed the system beyond Zone Therapy and it became what it is today.

A reflexology practitioner applies pressure to the feet, or hands, using the thumbs and fingers and specific techniques to gain a healing response in the body. 

Mrs Ingham, whose background was in physiotherapy, mapped the pressure points in the feet and hands to correspond to all of the organs, glands and systems of the body.

On applying pressure to the areas reflexology encourages the body to achieve homeostasis.

Sports Massage

Sports massage bodywork intends to help people who are involved in sports activities that puts stress on the body i.e. athletes, cyclists, martial arts participants.

Sports massage helps to prevent injuries and to prepare the body for sport and exercise and to maintain the body in optimal condition.

Sports massage can help athletes to recover from extreme workouts or from injury.



Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils to aid healing.

An aromatherapist uses oils that have been extracted from the flower, twigs, leaves and bark of plants and trees. The oils are called essential oils.

Each aromatic oil, as they are also known, has its own unique signature note and property and an aromatherapist is trained to blend the oils for use on clients tailored to their needs.

An aromatherapist has the skill to make healing products such as soap, bath products, balms and lotions. An aromatherapist will also be able to blend natural perfumes.

Often combined with a massage qualification, a career as an aromatherapist can cover many different areas.

Reiki Course Dates

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principal that energy is channeled through the therapist to enable the mind, body and spirit to heal. Reiki encourages the body to affect a natural healing response.

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage seeks to treat the client universally, mind, body and spirit, and not just as a physical being. The focus is on the clients overall well-being whether it is for bodily  aches and pains or emotional aches and pains.




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